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As you read the following reviews, notice the range of species, the different types of lures used with LineDancer, and the various geographic regions it was tested.

“I tested the LineDancer while fishing for Crappie on a local lake in my area. I noticed that I got more strikes and caught more fish with it than without it. I don’t know how or why it works, but it does. This is truly one gadget you have to try to believe.” Paul R. Platton Parker Arizona
“This item does exactly what it is supposed to do. It causes a great amount of extra activity in the lure and is very noticeable in clear water. I was using Rooster Tails, Panther Martins, and Rattle Traps. It worked VERY WELL with Rattle Traps. At the time I tested your product for the NAFC, our area, —The Russian River—had flooded. We had tremendous rains during that winter. Therefore the water was extremely muddy. But your product allowed me to catch fish! Good Product!!” Steven Bouchard Healdsburg California
“When fishing rods were made this is the one part that was missing – the fourth eyelet near the bottom of the rod. Action is quite different-unusual. I appreciate the chance to try something new that is really needed on rods permanently. Used in casting and retrieved on saltwater rod for freshwater Blues in Ocean City and freshwater Trout and Bass. Thanks for the opportunity. It may be a small item but, very large on improving fishing and the future of fishing.” William M. DeGregorio Sr. Fayetteville Pennsylvania
“My first session of testing was done with three sizes of reel spools on a dry dirt surface with a practice casting plug so that I might see what type of action I could expect in the lake. At Piute Lake, I used a light action rod with a light action small diameter reel using Bingo Bugs tipped with plastic grubs, Banjo Minnows, floating and sinking Rapalas, Rooster Tails, and numerous other lures tipped with meal worms. With the LineDancer set at maximum vibration it worked great. It also worked great with jerk baits. With the medium and light heavy rod and reels it gave good lure action in the medium to minimum (settings) vibration range.” F.E. Phillabaum Monroe Utah
“I tried the LineDancer from April 18th – 22nd. I tried it on all types of lures – buzzbaits, Rooster Tails, Rattle Traps, Hula Poppers, Grave Diggers, and small spoons (Kastmasters). I tried it on Ramapo River and Monksville Reservoir. I caught trout, bass, perch, and a catfish. It increased the action of most of my lures. It was easy to attach to my rods and to use. I would recommend the LineDancer to anyone that wants more action from their lures. I can’t wait to try it in saltwater for stripers, snapper, and blues.” Julius Gonzales Bayonne New Jersey
“Trout season has just begun and this was my first time to test the LineDancer. I use spinner baits so I gave the LineDancer a workout. It did what was claimed, it increased lure vibration. Trout seasons opening day starts at 8:00 am and I had my limit by 8:45 am. Very few others limited out until late afternoon. Either I am very lucky or the added vibration was the answer. Thank you for the opportunity. I will be testing the LineDancer this summer bass fishing.” Terry O. McFarland Tionest Pennsylvania
“I tested this unit in one of our local ponds that is stocked with smallmouth bass and panfish, and the unit worked very well for me. It is like having the availability of several lures on the line at once just by changing the position of the LineDancer up or down the pole. It is well made, has very good instructions, and is easy to use.” Fred E. Brown Beatty, Nevada
“I have never had a “thing” that expanded my tackle box X 3. I loved it! I didn’t have to think, just cast and reel.” Gary Shirey Priest River, Idaho
“I tested the LineDancer on the small creek which runs through my property and on the larger Lake Fork of the Gunnison River. Both waters hold cutthroat, brookies, rainbow, and browns. The LineDancer worked as advertised, adding life-like motion to my spinners, especially needed when I drug the spinners downstream with the current in these fast moving waters. The LineDancer provides an additional source of spinner motion as well as a different type of motion which may attract trout in various situations.” Kelly Perryman Lake City, Colorado
” I do a lot of tight line fishing for crappie and blue gill. When I used it I got quite a few more strikes with it than I did with a similar line and pole which I used alternately. It worked fine on both species. I would recommend it for tight line fishing since it seems to give the bait more life-like action. Marion L. Lindsey Guntersville, Alabama
“Thank you for allowing me to test the LineDancer. I had first used it during opening day for trout in the Poconoes of Pennsylvania. I was the first to catch any trout within the first hour. I believe it was the LineDancer that gave me the advantage because of the erratic wobble it creates with the lure. I highly recommend this product to all my fellow NAFC members. The LineDancer has definitely become a permanent part of my fishing arsenal.” Walt Ruber Bridgeport, New Jersey
“The LineDancer doubled my catch ratio and also my buddies. We took turns using the LineDancer to make sure it wasn’t just the fisherman. It adds vibration to the lure, which seems to excite the fish. We used it with crank baits and Tasmanian Devils to fish for trout in Colorado reservoirs. I might add that the largest fish were all taken using the LineDancer. The LineDancer works very well. It doesn’t get in the way and is very easy to put on or off (or exchange with a friend).” Mike Bondarchuk Englewood Colorado
“I have only used it two times. Once in Shasta Lake, the largest in California. I had very good success with land locked salmon and trout. I didn’t have much time for bass in Shasta. I did forget to remove the line on one catch. I found the closer to the reel gave the best action.” “In Antelope Reservoir trolling worms, I caught my limit; my brother caught only two trout. Then we switched to casting for bass; I caught and released 17 bass. Both of us were using the same popper. My brother caught only 4 fish so I would say it’s a great thing to add to my rod.” C.F. Queen Red Bluff California
“The LineDancer seems to do what it is supposed to do. I fish mainly for trout (big ones) in a reservoir. Because of our double snowfall in the mountains, the water has been murky. The LineDancer seems to cause my lures to vibrate more. My Kastmasters, SuperDupers, and other lures vibrate quite a bit more with than without it. This has attracted the attention of browns and rainbows, especially in murky water.” Michael M. Morton Mi Wuk Village California
“I highly recommend the use of this product. I tested it at Yawgoog Lake and Winchek pond in Rockville, RI. In several hours of fishing over a two-day period, I caught 2 pickerel to one pound and three largemouth bass from 1 to 2 pounds. LineDancer added to the action of the lures I used including a spider spin, Stanley chartreuse spinnerbait, and a Johnson’s Weedless Spoon – pickerel pattern.” “It is very simple to use and enhances action of even a lure with good action already. It was easy to clip on the rod and use.” James R. Sommermeyer Wyandanch New York
“LineDancer definitely changed the presentation of all the lures I tried it with, particularly at medium and slow retrieves. Faster retrieves tended to overcome the LineDancer. The LineDancer woke up every fish in the weeds and had all types of fish following in after my spoon.” Kurt M. Vanhauter Vancouver Washington
“I tested the LineDancer slow trolling crank baits and spinners. I used 14 lb. Fireline, my personal favorite line, with three different weight and length rods. The increase in vibration was very noticeable. I thought the handle on my rod was going to rattle off. A fast retrieve worked as well, but my line popped off the hook as if it was out of alignment or too close to the reel. Adjustments were fast and easy. I think this LineDancer product and the no stretch Fireline was an excellent combination. I caught several keeper walleye including one 28 1/2″ – 8 3/4 lb. Walleye, my largest for the record.” Kevin Johnson Muskegon Michigan
“I use a red and white Daredevil lures for fishing for trout in reservoirs in Eastern Oregon. The LineDancer gave these lures an added vibration/twitching action. The trout follow the lure and can’t resist the additional action on the lure that the LineDancer provides.” Wayne L. Hug Ontario Oregon
“The overall performance of the LineDancer is as described; I could feel the difference in the movement of my lures. I wasn’t able to conduct any freshwater tests. The weather hampered most of the tests, high winds didn’t allow much fishing this Spring. The only lures that I tested with were plastic hoagie shad and the specks (speckled trout) tried to destroy them, no matter what color I used. Matthew Cormier Seadrift Texas
“I would recommend this product to the members. I used this product in Florida with success and in Indiana with the same result. It was used with in-line spinners and plastic worms with the same results. The only lure that did not work well for me were pre-rigged plastic worms. The LineDancer imparts more action to your lure and makes it more inticing to fish. If you want more action in your lure I recommend giving this LineDancer a try.” George I. Scott Remington Indiana

The following material came from a test conducted in the late summer 2000 in the Midwest. The man who initiated this test was Dennis Bryant; owner of Zap Custom Lures after his curiosity had been aroused after reading about LineDancer? on the Internet.

The first email by Mr. Bryant tells us who was going to test it.
“Getting the two sets is deeply appreciated (especially when I had two of my top Charter Captain clients here when they arrived). Needless to say that they are being evaluated this weekend out in Lake Erie. The two Captains that are trying your product out this weekend have been in the fishing-game for more than 20 years each. They have a total of 5 Walleye-charters booked for this Saturday & Sunday, with six new customers on each trip. Both said they should have equipment on board to try out all three sizes at the same time, and compare catch rates to the customers not using them. Thanks again for the samples, and I’ll let you know what happens.” A few weeks later we got the results of the testing (see below)
Walleye Charter/Walleye tournament angler-guide 1.5 liked it: .5 no?
1. Didn’t like the hassle of resetting the line on the LineDancer with every cast. His clients did use it for his trips on 2 weekends (6 days) and did catch better numbers of fish than those not using it. He’s now conveniently “totally forgotten to bring the (LineDancer) sample back”; and then; he asked when they’ll be available locally, and where! [Darned liar! It had worked out well for him, and he just wanted more. But, that’s not in the black & white on his report. Fishermen!] 2. Loved the results using it. REFUSES to EVER return the sample, and wants to buy more for the rest of his rod arsenal. Claimed a 4:1 catch ratio over a bare rod using the same lures in the same place.
Bass Guides/Tournament Angler 1:1
1. Carbon copy of the answer of #1 above. Claims to have lost too many fish trying to get used to fishing using it. Did like the action when used for spinnerbait. Returned the sample after 1 week. (See additional details on MY TEST below) 2. HE lost several fish at first, trying it out; but his clients that used it, caught more than twice the number of fish as the clients that didn’t have it on their rod. Would like additional SMALLER units to fit his graphite rods better. Kept the sample as a ‘down-payment’ on his ‘TESTING-FEE’, and wanted every other small one I had in stock. (None) So now, he wants to buy more when I do get them in.
Weekend Bass-Tournament Anglers (Bass Club Anglers) 2:0
1 & 2. These two guys each ended up with the largest size (3/4″) as a sample to try. Both had to bend the attaching arms to make them smaller so it fit their rods better. Both said that they’d lost fish at first; getting used to the rod-tip vibrations. Neither had a single ‘bad word’ to say about the LineDancer, and both raved about the lure action given to everything from spinnerbaits to ‘Texas-rigged worms’. They both wanted to get smaller sized units to put on additional rods. [One club-tournament win, one second place finish, and 1 big bass between the two of them in separate club tournaments during one weekend at separate inland lakes]

Here are some quotes from the “Comments” section of the test form:

“I have never seen such a plain and simple rod attachment change the action of a lure so much. I LOVE IT! Don’t ask for the sample to be returned – IT”S MINE! I let my partner try it when we were prefishing new water and he tried to put it in his pocket. Using identical lures and fishing the same water, the Dancer caught four fish to each fish caught without it. Jigs, weight-forward lures, casting cranks – It’s beautiful! I want one for each of my rods when they are available!” George Santos Walleye Buster Tournament Team “Problems with hooking line and having to reset each cast. It does catch about 3 to 1 more fish casting weight forward lures by adding more motion to the lures. Causes fights when only one is onboard. Dumb looking thing really works.” Capt. John Becker Trophy Charters “It worked well enough to win 1st Place and Big Bass at the Tri-State Invitational on Lake James in Indiana. I love it! Especially on spooks and spinnerbaits. Are smaller sizes available? I want 3 smaller ones!” Rick Gasirowski Bass Club Tournament Angler “I like the action that it imparts on crankbaits and spinnerbaits. My clients have about doubled catches over clients without it. I lost several fish before I started taking the line off of it after setting the hook. Need a few more of the small size ASAP. I will keep this one as a down payment on my testing fees from you.” Pete Szajac Charter Captain “The LineDancer exceeded my expectations. Running the line with/without there is a major difference in action of the bait. Spinnerbait, crankbait, and even worm action was greatly increased. Sensitivity was highly increased every tap, bump, and hit was felt. I lost over 10 fish not being used to the new actions. Casting with the LineDancer is easy also; forgetting to remove the line several times, casting was still pinpoint! I recommend this product to all fishermen; avid, weekenders, or any other. Moving the hook further to the right increased action even more! The repositioning of the LineDancer did exactly what it said also!” Shawn W. Slagle Tournament Director Erie Bay Bassers

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