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Frequently Asked Questions

What in the world is a LineDancer anyway?

LineDancer is a very simple device that enables anyone regardless of skill level to enjoy the benefits of increased lure vibration. Just install it on your favorite spinning rod, cast your lure, and put the line in your LineDancer and retrieve. You will immediately notice the increased vibration being transmitted to your lure and the fish will too!

Won’t LineDancer work on a baitcast or spincast (closed face) rod and reel combo?

No, LineDancer only works with spinning rods (open face).

Who invented it and what made him think of it in the first place?

An avid young fisherman invented LineDancer. The idea came to him when he noticed extra action being transmitted to a top water lure while noticing the line being deflected by a twig of a branch of some vegetation growing along the bank.

What makes LineDancer work?

To put it simply, LineDancer becomes a temporary line deflector between the spool and first eye of the spinning rod that produces a unique result. The deflection causes the normal conical shape of the line path to be shortened. This shortening of the cone and the resulting rhythmic jump of the line back on the spool is what causes the increase in vibration. This causes minute increases in lure speed which makes your lure appear more lifelike.

Can it really make anyone a better fisherman?

We think so. LineDancer is ideal for the novice or beginner. Children have no problem learning how to use it. A more experienced angler will notice that he can use it both as a stand alone? tool; or as a method to enhance his favorite techniques.

I notice each set contains 3 sizes, why?

When we developed LineDancer, we had to come up with a way to accommodate the various rod shaft diameters of most spinning rods. After researching the subject, we decided to offer it in 3 sizes. We felt that these sizes would fit a majority of the rods that people own. The various sizes are also color coded for easy recognition if out of the package.

How do I know which size is right for my rod?

It is actually very easy to measure your rod for the best fit. All you need is a tape measure or ruler. Simply hold a measuring tool against the rod and “eyeball it” or estimate the shaft diameter about 3 to 4 inches up from the handle.

  • If your rod shaft diameter measures closer to 3/8 (9.52 mm), select the Small model.
  • If your rod shaft diameter measures closer to (12.70 mm), select the Medium model.         
  • If your rod shaft diameter measures closer to 5/8 (15.87 mm), select the Large model.

LineDancer is constructed of stainless steel however its design allows for some flexibility. Remember you want a snug fit.

Each LineDancer Set contains one of each size.

Can you put it on backwards?

LineDancer will function with the line rest or loop facing in either direction but we recommend you install it with the line rest facing to your right side as you would normally hold your rod. The reason for this is that when it is installed in this manner the natural revolution of the reel being retrieved will automatically keep the line engaged in the LineDancer.

Does LineDancer? interfere with normal casting?

If it is properly installed, LineDancer should not interfere with your casting efforts.

Do I have to place my line in my LineDancer after every cast?

Only if you desire the extra action. You need to think of a LineDancer as a very powerful tool that can be utilized to increase vibration of your lures. You will now have the option of fishing your lures in the traditional manner or using this tool to increase lure vibration to a degree that would be almost humanly impossible. From causing pulsation in spinnerbait and buzzbait skirts to “walking the dog” with top water, you will be fishing more successfully and having more fun too!

Should I remove the line from the LineDancer to retrieve a fish?

We recommend that you flip the line out with your free hand after you have set the hook. This takes a little practice but will become second nature in no time. The reason for this is that it can be more difficult to reel in a larger fish while it is still in the line rest.

We realize this seems to be a hassle to some people but you will find yourself wondering, “Would I have really caught that fish without it?”

Has it been field-tested? If so, what kind of fish did it help anglers catch?

As for the field testing part of your question, LineDancer earned the privilege to display the Field Test Seal of Approval from the over 500,000 member North American Fishing Club. It has also been tested by pros and guides around the nation with great success. One recent test in the Great Lakes area had anglers out catching identically rigged tackle (line, lure, etc.) by ratios of up to 4 to 1!

In these tests, LineDancer was proven effective on Bass, Trout, Walleye, Pike, Crappie, even catfish, as well as many saltwater species.

That is a lot of testing. What were the main strengths mentioned about the LineDancer during these tests?

  • The main benefits they mentioned could be classified in 3 categories:
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Dramatic increases in lure action and catch rates

Increased sensitivity (your line is taut at all times during retrieve) which yielded more hook sets.

Well, you sold me! Where can I buy one?

LineDancer is available at Amazon and Ebay. Just click the appropriate BUY NOW button to place your order. We hope you have learned a little about something new that will eventually change the way people fish for many years to come. If there is a question or a topic we did not cover, feel free to email us.

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